Car Interior Care To Avoid Corona Virus

You can do the car interior maintenance process at any time, it’s just that it requires a high enough intention and patience. Remember, owning a car is not just buying and using, but you have to discipline yourself to do car interior maintenance. Whether it’s car interior maintenance after use or before the car is used. The cleanliness of the interior of the car greatly affects the condition of durability and durability of all its parts. Believe it or not, believe it, a well-maintained car interior can increase the selling price of the car you have. In addition, car interior maintenance from Royal1 Mobile Detailing will also help maintain your health and your family while in the car.

Let’s take a look at simple car interior maintenance tips that you can do at home, be it on weekends or during spare time.

Car interior maintenance in the upholstery
The most important car interior maintenance is the seat (car seat) which must be cleaned every day. Always clean before and after use so that you feel comfortable and away from viruses, dust, and dirt. How to clean it is quite easy, use a duster or damp cloth to clean the surface of the upholstery. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust that is lodged between the seat and back seats. Do it repeatedly until you feel the seat in the car is free of dust and dirt.

Clean the windshield and sides
The next car interior maintenance is to keep the car glass clean and clean. The cleanliness of the windshield, right side, and inner left side greatly affect driving safety. The cleanliness of the front glass is very important because it will affect the visibility of the driver’s eye. The dust and dirt that sticks will make visibility dim. As for the right and left glass, it is also mandatory to keep clean because if it is dirty it will affect the activity when it will overtake another vehicle or when it will turn. How to clean it is quite easy, use water on a chamois cloth to remove the dust that sticks. After that, use a dry cloth so that the remaining water does not cause spots on the glass. In addition, there are other ways to clean car glass, namely using a special glass cleaner.
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