Get to know the folding ladder, design variations according to residential needs

Prepare an umbrella before it rains, always have stairs at home. This household utensil, especially aluminum stairs, is one of the mandatory and most useful when you have to struggle with a certain height, for example, to replace a light bulb check that. For the type of folding ladder, did you know that several types are useful for different purposes? Let’s first identify the type and size of the following folding ladder so you don’t buy the wrong one. When you hear the word folding ladder, you will immediately imagine the shape of this one staircase in your mind.

As one of the popular industrial and household products, this type of double-step ladder can help a lot of daily work without having to lean on the wall like conventional household designs. With a stepped place in the middle, this folding ladder consists of various sizes. The average size of these stairs is between 1.5-3 meters and can also reach up to 6 meters. The width of the stairs ranges from 30-35 cm and the distance between the steps is 25-30 cm.

A multifunctional folding ladder is a type of ladder that does not require wall rests or other flat surfaces. Almost the same as the previous type, this ladder has the advantage of being able to be folded at various angles and folds. Automatically, this type of ladder is considered more practical and does not take up a lot of space when stored. Thanks to the practical ladder hinges, this folding ladder can come in a variety of quite innovative shapes. The capacity that can be accommodated is also quite heavy, which is at least 100 kg. The height is also classified as varying, starting from 3-4 meters in a folded condition and can be stretched up to over 12 meters. This rather small folding ladder is often found in homes or offices. This ladder can stand alone without a back and is practical enough to move from one location to another. The number of steps also varies from one to four steps, with the use of materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, or alloys.

In terms of width, this folding ladder is usually wider so that it can be a tap for both legs at once. It is important to choose a ladder with a non-slip base and can accommodate a minimum weight of up to 100 kilograms so that the safety of use is guaranteed.

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